The Sanford Education Collaborative is an initiative led by National University through a network of universities committed to expanding a nationwide movement to create a new paradigm for PK-12 teaching excellence and student achievement. The Collaborative is dedicated to the national advancement and ongoing research of the Sanford Education Programs, which are based on the vision of T. Denny Sanford.

USD is active with Sanford Harmony, which strengthens positive peer relations and interactions among PK-6 children in schools. As part of the Sanford Education Collaborative, USD is currently working in 230 classrooms, 95 schools, 65 different districts and with a total of 3400 students.

Local level research indicates that when early childhood and preschool-aged children experience Sanford Harmony programming in their classroom, they show significant improvement in social skills throughout the year. In particular, they show the largest gains in the social skill subtypes of assertion, self-control and engagement.

Please contact Nicholas Shudak or Marcy Drew for more information.

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