“We recently implemented an aggressive career services agenda that emphasizes the need for students to perform internships, externships and gain practical experience in order to become more practice-ready at graduation,” said Devra Sigle Hermosilla, director of career services at the law school. “Our students are, more than ever, embracing their professional development as an essential component to their legal education.”

The study analyzed adjusted employment data from the Class of 2011 through the Class of 2016 giving the most weight to bar passage required jobs but still considering JD advantage and professional positions. USD law school graduates experienced a 21.4 percent improvement in employment outcomes.

“It is exciting to be recognized for the improvement in employment outcomes. It’s a testament to the strong support we receive from employers, alumni and students,” said Hermosilla.

The University of South Dakota School of Law was also recently ranked as a top law school for clerkship placements, and remains a best value law school, educating most of the state’s lawyers and judges, filling spots in private law firms and in public legal practice.

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