Christianson, from Yankton, S.D., will present the results of his research “Design of Nanoscale Compositions for Remineralization of Human Dentin,” one of only 60 posters (out of 600 applications) to be presented at this prestigious undergraduate research event. Christianson is the only student from South Dakota invited to participate at Posters on the Hill where research posters are on display to Congress, federal agency funding officers and invited guests in the Rayburn House Office Building.

Grigoriy Sereda, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry, serves as Christianson’s mentor and supervises his undergraduate research in the field of materials chemistry, which includes application of nanoparticles in dentistry and drug delivery. In Sereda’s lab, Christianson has worked to develop Langmuir isotherms, exploring the binding affinity of various molecular functional groups to titanium dioxide nanoparticles.

“In the laboratory, David has demonstrated the ability to perform sound scientific research,” Sereda noted. “Perhaps, more importantly, David has the ability to think abstractly and offer potential solutions to conceptual problems. This contribution of insight has led to some of the research that my group has performed this last year, specifically the functionalization of silk floss as a pH indicator which is one of our group’s intellectual disclosures submitted this year to USD. David is listed as a co-inventor of this work.”

Sereda will accompany Christianson to Washington, D.C. as they serve as advocates for science and education in South Dakota as they meet with lawmakers. Posters on the Hill provide students like Christianson an opportunity to also share personal stories and their discoveries with members of Congress and professional scientists. A photo of Christianson is available for download at

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