NCUR is the nation’s premier showcase of the unique and creative scholarship being done by undergraduate students across the United States.

NCUR provides students with the opportunity to forge new connections, build their presentation skills, expand their resumes and much more. Outstanding students from multiple disciplines and hundreds of universities come together to share their work and learn from one another.

USD students who presented their research at the 2024 NCUR include the following.

  • Makayla Mofle, a junior medical biology major, presented “The Characterization of Neurotransmitters Following Acute Ethanol Exposure and Social Behavior Assay in Zebrafish With and Without Embryonic Ethanol Exposure."
  • Olivia Roberts, a senior mathematical sciences major, presented “Musical Systems with ℤn – Cayley Graphs.”
  • Jordan Grothe, a senior mathematical sciences major, presented “Analyzing Heat Generated from Electro-Osmotic Flow Utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics.”
  • Kamila Haliru, a junior double major in cognitive neuroscience and psychology major, presented “Effects of Psychological Disorders on Reachability Judgements.”
  • Grant Budden, a senior medical biology major, presented “Monitoring Selenium Bioaccumulation and its Potential Effects in False Map Turtles (Graptemys pseudogeographica).”
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