Haoran Sun, Ph.D., associate professor in the chemistry department, will lead the Center for Fluorinated Functional Materials.

“The creation of this research center is expected to overcome two significant challenges in transforming the South Dakota economy to a knowledge-based economy,” said Sun. “One–discovery of innovative technology. And two–building a technology and business-capable team.”

The five year $2,710,969 grant from South Dakota Governor’s Research Center Program will be used to build a self-sustaining discovery-based research center to commercialize fluorinated functional materials in the sectors of materials and advanced manufacturing, energy and environment, and human health and nutrition.

“This is an excellent opportunity to explore that potential of new fluorinated functional materials in many applications ranging from flexible electronics and battery technology to medical imaging and security,” said Sun. “We have an outstanding team with background in both material sciences and business. Working together, we will tackle two important challenges, innovation and workforce training, in transforming academic research to commercial products.”

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