Airing at 7 a.m. Sundays on radio station WNAX-AM (570), the program offers a public version of topics covered in Myers’ courses. An elder law professor, Myers uses “The Elderlaw Forum” to interview elder law attorneys, legislators, health care administrators, physicians, social workers and outstanding seniors to inform listeners about safeguarding their finances as well as discuss health and independence issues. The program is also used as a bridge to the USD Senior Legal Helpline (1-800-747-1895) through which Myers and his assigned student research assistants provide pro bono information and advice to seniors confronting the challenges of aging. Fact patterns related to Helpline calls are used anonymously and confidentially to present law students with practical legal problems encountered by senior citizens.

Myers, an emeritus trustee of the Mayo Foundation and former Mayo-St. Mary’s Hospital CEO, has covered topics such as consenting to treatment, experimental procedures, refusing treatment and the right to die. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, pensions, disability and VA benefits are routinely updated. Myers provides advice on evaluating nursing homes, quality of care and nursing home reforms. For more information on “The Elderlaw Forum,” please visit the website: A photo of Myers is also available for download at

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