Teams were divided into two divisions (junior/middle school and high school) and each team competed in 23 events that included building airplanes and gliders to fly for as long as possible; constructing bridges with the lightest material that can hold the most weight; and building vehicles to travel a certain distance and then stop. 

Division B winners:
1st Place: Yankton Middle School, coaches: Cheryl Schaeffer, Brooks Schild and Tom Merrill.
2nd Place: Sacred Heart Middle School, coaches: Sarah Wald and Rebecca Peterson.
3rd Place: Dakota Valley Middle School, coaches: Amanda VandeVegte and Miranda Arnold.
4th Place: Vermillion Middle School, coach: Audrey Job.
5th Place: Elk Point-Jefferson Middle School, coaches: Angela Peirce and Nicole Pribil.
6th Place: Mickelson Middle School, coach: Christopher Mitchell.
7th Place: Edison Middle School, coach: Sharon Andrews.

Division C winners:
1st  Place: Yankton High School, coaches: Robert Medeck and Brooks Schild.
2nd Place: Brookings High School, coach: Kelly Riedell.
3rd Place: Dakota Valley High School, coach: Sarah Wonders.
4th Place: Tea Area High School, coaches: John Nolte, Brittany Hamann and Alexandra Brown.
5th Place: Todd County High School, coaches: Marjorie Blare and Felicia King.
6th Place: Madison High School, coach: Dawn Wiebers.
7th Place: Little Wound High School, coaches: Jesus Fuentes and Jon Wenger.
8th Place: Spearfish High School, coach: Jessica Zwaschka.

As a result of their victories, both Yankton Middle School and Yankton High School have been invited to participate in the National Science Olympiad Tournament at The University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, Wisconsin, May 20-21.

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