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Coyote Crazies is a student organization that aims to improve student engagement in all USD events and overall school pride.

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Gear and Apparel

  • USD accent pillow

    Decorative Pillow

    Residence hall missing some much needed feng shui? Your futon looking a little bare? Well look no further. This 100% cotton sateen decorative pillow is the answer to all of your dorm life woes. With a 200 thread count, it will be like your head (or feet, if you’re into that kind of thing) is on a cloud of relaxation. Measuring 16” x 16”, it is large enough to fit even the largest of noggins, so don’t let that giant brain of yours stop you from getting one today! You genius, you.

  • USD bedding

    Twin XL Sheet Set

    Holy sheet! Check out this stunning bedding set! Complete with a fitted sheet (ability to fold not required), a traditional flat sheet, as well as a pillow case to replace your current SpongeBob one. All items are 100% pure cotton sateen (whatever that is) and come with a comfortable 200 thread count.

  • USD Blanket

    Stadium Blanket

    Picture this: you’ve been comfortably sitting on your futon on a hardcore Netflix binge for the past six hours when you realize it’s a little chilly in the room. What do you do? Do you get all the way up to grab your comforter? Of course not! That’s way too much effort. You grab your comfy USD Stadium Blanket and snuggle up. This polar fleece blanket measures 60” x 50” and has beautiful border stitching.

  • USD Coyote Crazies Hat

    Adjustable Snap-Back Hat

    The Snap-Back hat is the perfect accessory to any bro-tank or, really, anything! Honestly, we don’t care what you wear it with, as long as you are reppin’ the Yotes! This hat has moisture-wicking technology that will keep your head cool during your epic rounds of Frisbee golf and can even double as a bowl, should times get tough.

  • USD Coyote Crazies pullover zip

    Sanded Fleece 1/4 Zip

    This is the ultimate tailgate fleece. With a 9 oz. 80/20 cotton/polyester blend, this jacket will keep you warm in the coolest of tailgate festivities. It has side rib panels to provide extra flexibility for your game of corn hole, plus a quarter zip collar with a front handwarmer pocket. Hehe…we said “corn hole.”

  • USD pillowcase


    In case you didn’t want to pony up for the Twin XL Sheet Set, you can still replace your SpongeBob pillow case with this one! If you prefer to keep your pillow case (which we do not recommend), you can fashion yourself a trendy smock! The pillow case measures 20” x 30” and is 100% cotton sateen with a 200 thread count.

  • USD Coyote Crazies T-shirt

    Coyote Crazies T

    Look at your friend, now back at me, now back at your friend, now back at me. See something missing? The Coyote Crazies T of course! This Adidas branded item will not only guarantee you will have a shirt to wear, but there is about a 93% chance you will have fun while wearing it! It’s about to get CRAZY in here!

  • USD laundry bag

    Laundry Bag

    This 100% polyester laundry bag is large enough to fit not only that one pair of underwear you wore all week, but plenty more as well! We’re talking, at least 10 pairs of underwear can fit in here! The bag measures 28” tall x 23” wide and is designed to neatly pack away, shoved under your bed, when it’s not in use.

  • USD waste bin

    Coyote Trash Can

    This 15” tapered, metal trash can is a must have for any proper dorm room! It’s a perfect bedside height (not sure why you would want it there), can hold at least three empty boxes of hot pockets, and is a guaranteed conversation piece for welcomed guests! Did we mention it’s metal?!

  • USD water bottle

    Water Bottle

    This 26 oz. water bottle not only is as durable as they come, but is ergonomically designed to fit right in your hand! Featuring the USD fight song on one side and the USD logo on the other, this is sure to have you singing “South Dakota Victory” along with all your friends. C’mon, you don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t know the fight song, do you?!

  • USD Spirit Jersey

    Coyote Pom Pom Shirt

    Look, we get it…vintage is in. You want something that looks trendy, but you also want something that looks like you pulled it out of grandma’s closet. Well have we got the deal for you! This crew neck, 6.6 oz., 100% cotton garment provides a roomy fit that allows for plenty of room for activities. An added bonus, the sleeves can tie together around your waste to hold the sweater up if the weather improves!