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As the flagship university in the state, the University of South Dakota has a long tradition of academic excellence. As such, the university's public image should reflect this rich history and promising future.

The Graphic and Editorial Standards Style Guide outlines appropriate usage of the university logo and graphic elements in support of the university’s brand initiative. In order to sustain this initiative, the university requests diligence by the entire campus in adhering to this guide.

Usage of the logo and the other graphic elements supporting it allows the university to put forth a consistent, recognizable institutional image. By applying it without fail, USD reinforces its brand promise and professional standing. Please remember that branding is a strategic effort that goes far beyond a logo and marketing communications. A total brand experience must be delivered throughout the institution.

Graphic and Editorial Style Standards Style Guide

Graphic and Editorial Style Standards Style Guide Highlights

Editorial Guide

  • The official editorial style manual for University of South Dakota publications and digital properties is The Associated Press Stylebook. For purposes of clarity or style, common or traditional issues within the university may warrant different guidelines from those within the AP Style Guide. These exceptions often relate to common ideas/terms in the university environment and are addressed in USD's Editorial Guide.


  • Required statements that must appear on university publications, posters, brochures, etc. including the Disability Services statement, EOE/AA statement (employment ads) and print code and recycled statement.


  • Use of the logo is restricted to official university entities. All university logos and their uses are subject to interpretation and approval by Creative Services.
  • Logo colors are PMS 200 and black
  • The "SD" element is not to be used alone without approval by Creative Services.

Logo: Acceptable Uses:

Correct Logo Usage

Logo: Unacceptable Uses:

Unacceptable Logo Usage

University Seal

  • The USD seal is an official and historic standard of the university, standing as a graphic representation of the university’s traditions.
  • The seal should only be used on sanctioned, formal and official USD materials such as diplomas or baccalaureate publications, printed materials from the Office of the President or printed materials for a formal university function such as a presidential mailing, memo or publication.
  • The seal should not be used unless specific permission is granted from the Office of the President and Office of Marketing Communications and University Relations.

University SealSeal of the University of South Dakota


  • Two typefaces have been designated as USD’s universally used fonts: Adobe Garamond and Myriad Pro. If you need these typefaces please call Creative Services.

Color Palette (Print)

  • Primary Colors
 PMS 200 uncoated
 PMS 200 coated
PMS 200
Uncoated paper
C 0
M 100
Y 63
K 12
PMS 200
Coated paper
C 0
M 100
Y 65
K 15
C 0
M 0
Y 0
K 100
PMS 422
C 0
M 0
Y 0
K 34
  • Secondary Colors
    Use these colors for four-color printing only. Do not use these colors in apparel, premiums, etc.
PMS 716
C 0
M 45 
Y 91 
K 0
PMS 314
C 100
M 0 
Y 9
K 30
PMS 362
C 70
M 0
Y 100
K 9

  • Tertiary Colors
    Use these colors for four-color printing only. Do not use these colors in apparel, premiums, etc.
 PMS warm gray 9
PMS 730
C 0
M 38
Y 78
K 29
PMS Warm Gray 9
C 0
M 11
Y 20
K 47

Color Palette (Web)

  • Primary Colors

R 173
G 0
B 0
R 0
G 0
B 0
R 180
G 180
B 180

  • Secondary Colors

R 211
G 147
B 8
R 127
G 155
B 179
R 170
G 169
B 100

  • Tertiary Colors

R 229
G 217
B 171
R 51
G 51
B 51