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The university contracts with CLC/Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP), a national company specializing in university licensing. All vendors and manufacturers producing goods with the name, the marks and the logos of the University of South Dakota must be licensed with USD through CLC/LLP.

The University of South Dakota reserves the right to consider and approve any product or product category for license; however no product will be licensed without the approval of the licensing program. This helps to ensure that products bearing the university's trademarks are of the highest quality and represent the university in a positive manner.

  • Registered Trademarks & Logos - USD aggressively trademarks its name, its marks and its logos, which gives the university legal protection and the right to determine when, how, and to whom the university is portrayed in clothing and other commercialized products. Any design which may cause confusion in the mind of the public is a direct infringement upon the university's trademark rights.
  • Licensing Requirements - Manufacturers, producers and any other entity planning to use the university's trademarks must complete the licensing process and secure a license agreement prior to producing and selling emblematic merchandise.
  • Trademark Protection - The University of South Dakota trademark licensing program protects any: logo, wordmark, nickname, series of letters or acronyms associated with the University of South Dakota that are distinguishable from those of other universities, teams, mascots or organizations.
  • Royalties - USD collects a royalty fee for every piece of USD-branded merchandise that is sold by retailers. Normally the cost of the royalty is included in the wholesale price of the item and passed on to the consumer. Loyal USD fans can wear their Coyote Red with pride, knowing their purchases are supporting student scholarships.

To obtain an application packet or learn more about licensing and royalty information, please contact USD's trademark management company:

CLC/Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP)
1075 Peachtree Street
Suite 3300
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Phone: 770-956-0520
Fax: 770-955-4491