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Student ID Cards

Student ID cards are issued in the Community College for Sioux Falls Business Office. All you need is a registered schedule of classes and a photo ID. Your student ID card identifies you as student and works as a loadable card (similar to a debit card). Students can load funds (Hobo Dough, Trojan Gold or Coyote Cash) onto the card to use in select vending machines and pay for printing in the open computer lab. To load funds, visit the Business Office during our hours of operation or through your home campus' website. You are responsible for protecting your ID card and are liable for unauthorized purchases. Report lost or stolen ID cards to the Community College for Sioux Falls Business Office. ID card replacement fee is $20.  

Transcript Requests

You might need an official document that captures all of your official academic work, proof of academic achievement and/or evidence of degree completion. Transcripts are processed at the Registrar’s Office of your home campus. For transcripts requests, you may visit your home campus' website and/or complete the SDBOR Common Transcript Form. Note: transcript requests cannot be made over the phone or by email.


All students registered for Community College for Sioux Falls courses will be assessed a Parking Fee/Vehicle Registration Fee approved by the SD Board of Regents. This fee will be billed to your student account at the beginning of each fall and spring term, excluding summer. No parking permits or passes are required. Parking tickets will be issued for parking in the visitor, state vehicle or handicapped parking without appropriate permit.  

Copy, Fax, and Postage

Students can access copy and fax services at the Business Office. Copying services cost $0.10 per sheet for black and white (plus tax) and $0.20 for color copies (plus tax). Items related to university business can be faxed for no charge; however, personal faxes are $1.50 (plus tax). Additionally, students can purchase postage stamps and drop off outgoing mail at the Business Office.

Additional Services & Information

Contact the Sioux Falls Business Office

Community College for Sioux Falls
Administration Building (FADM 133)
4801 N Career Ave
Sioux Falls SD 57107
Phone: 605-274-9520
Fax: 605-782-3232

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.