Osher Lifelong Learning Institute compensates instructors according to the length of the course or workshop. Out of town instructors may be compensated for mileage (see terms below). This compensation structure is subject to change and is at the discretion of the Director of OLLI.

Financial Compensation

OLLI will pay a flat per contact hour fee of $35. Contact hour is defined as time in the classroom. For example, if your class is scheduled from 9:00 to 11:00 once a week for 4 weeks, your compensation would be 2 hours times 4 weeks times $35 per hour, for a total compensation of $280. If your classes are shortened in any way, either through early dismissal or missed classes, an adjustment will be made to your final pay reflecting this reduction in contact hours.

You will be sent an honorarium form outlining the terms of your compensation, which should be completed, signed and returned to OLLI. If you are a first-time instructor and have never worked for the State of SD before, you will also be sent a W9 form to fill out and sign. This form allows the college’s accounting office to add you to its list of payees. The W9 will only be sent once and will be kept on file for subsequent terms, unless your address or bank routing information have changed. If you are an out of town instructor, a consideration for travel will be added to your pay. If you are part of the Community College for Sioux Falls faculty, your pay will appear in your regular paycheck.

Cancelling Classes

OLLI will make every effort to market your class to its members and the general public. However, if your class is cancelled due to low enrollment, OLLI will not compensate you. Class cancellation due to low enrollment is at the discretion of the Director of OLLI.

Gifting your Time to OLLI

You are invited to gift all or a portion of your compensation back to OLLI, but you are under no obligation to do so. If you wish to donate all or part your teaching time to OLLI, please contact us at 274-9528 and be sure to indicate it on the contract form.

Lead Instructor

Some courses feature multiple instructors. Compensation can only be paid to the designated lead instructor. Any co-instructors or guest speakers will be paid by the lead instructor out of the compensation given to the lead instructor, as s/he deems appropriate.

Out of Town Instructors

Instructors coming from outside of OLLI’s service area (service area is defined as within 30 miles of the teaching location) may be paid a travel consideration of $25 per travel day.