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Community College of Sioux Falls students working together in lab

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Associate of Science in Applied Health Sciences

The Associate of Science in Applied Health Sciences will help you begin your journey to a rewarding career in Health Sciences. This program is designed for students interested in a health sciences field and will provide you an interdisciplinary foundation in health care to build off of as you chose your specific major area of study. You will have the opportunity to plan an individualized pathway to a bachelor’s degree by meeting program requirements within the 60 credit hours of this major. 

According to the 2019 National Health Index, Sioux Falls ranked 14th out of the top 100 cities in leading the way in health care, which is why this program is exclusively offered at the USD Community College for Sioux Falls. The University of South Dakota contributes to the health care workforce in South Dakota as the only School of Health Sciences in the South Dakota Board of Regents system. This program will set you up for success to go into the growing healthcare field as you continue your education in a related field.

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Associate of Science in Applied Health Sciences (A.S.)