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Our Facility is Public

The Community College for Sioux Falls' newly designed campus is open for public events as they fit in class and academic schedules. We've hosted political town hall meetings, mayoral debates, training seminars, public discussions and other events contributing to community progress (see Room Rental Policy).

  Conference/Classroom Computer Lab DDN  Avera Hall Technology Fee Facilities Staff
   1/2 Day Full Day  1/2 Day Full Day  1/2 Day Full Day  1/2 Day Full Day  1/2 Day Full Day  
SDBOR University for-profit events  $50 $100  $100 $200  $100 $200  $150 $275  $50 $100  
 Non-profit community groups $50 $100  $100 $200  $200 $400  $150 $275  $50 $100  
For-profit community groups $100 $200  $200 $400  $400 $800  $250 $450  $50 $100  
After hours & holiday rates: for non-profit events*  $100 $200  $200 $400  $400 $800  $250 $450 Plus $44/hour/each staff required  Plus $32/hour/each staff required
After hours & holiday rates: for-profit events*  $200 $400  $400 $800  $800 $1,600 $500  $900 Plus $44/hour/each staff required Plus $32/hour/each staff required 

*If we feel extra staff are needed for an event, there may be additional charges. Room availability on weekends and holidays will depend on staff availability. 

Conference Rooms

The conference rooms seat 8-18 people. They include power and wireless data with internet connectivity.


Classrooms range from seating for 32 to 48 with tables, chairs and white board. They also include computer/internet connectivity at the podium, LCD projector, VCR and ELMO overhead.

Tiered Classrooms

Tiered classrooms will seat up to 48-80 people. They are equipped with a white board, a podium with computer and internet connectivity, LCD projector, VCR and ELMO overhead. 

Computer Labs

Computer labs range from seating for 24 to 32 with a workstation for each seat. These rooms also have a podium with computer and internet connectivity, LCD projector, VCR and ELMO overhead and a white board. 

Avera Hall

Avera Hall seats 131 in theater type seating with flip-up writing surfaces. The hall is equipped with a removable podium, internet connectivity, LCD projector, VCR, DVD and microphones. IT fee is included (and required) with the room rental fee. *Also equipped with hearing impaired technology. 


DDN rooms seat 8-50 people. These rooms are equipped with a podium with computer/internet connectivity, DDN equipment, LCD projector, an ELMO overhead, VCR and white board. Rental price includes DDN equipment as stated - full time IT support staff is not included.

Technology Fee

The technology fee covers a Community College for Sioux Falls staff member to facilitate the lessee's technology needs during the lease of rooms. 


Contact CCSF Room Reservations & Rentals at if you have any questions or concerns.