Written Communication: 6 credit hours required  (Students must take ENGL 101 and choose 1 course from Advanced Composition)

Course Title
ENGL 101
Composition I

Advanced Composition: 3 credit hours required (choose 1)

Course Title
ENGL 201
Composition II
ENGL 205
Business Writing
ENGL 283
Creative Writing

Humanities/Fine Arts: 6 credit hours required (students must complete at a minimum level ENGL 210 & one other course in Humanities or Fine Arts

Course Title
ENGL 210
Introduction to Literature
HIST 111
World Civilizations I
HIST 112
World Civilizations II
THEA 100
Introduction to Theatre
THEA 201
Film Appreciation
REL 250
World Religions

Social Sciences: 6 credits required (choose 2)

Course Title
ANTH 210
Cultural Anthropology
CJUS/POLS 201 Introduction to Criminal Justice
HIST 151 United States History I
HIST 152
United States History II
POLS 141
Governments of the World
POLS 210
State and Local Government
PSYC 101
General Psychology

Oral Communication: 3 credit hours required

Course Title
SPCM 101
Fundamentals of Speech

Mathematics: 3 credit hours required

Course Title
MATH 102
College Algebra
Introduction to Statistics

Natural Sciences: 6 credit hours required (students must complete two approved natural science courses with corresponding labs)

Course Title
CHEM 106
Chemistry Survey I
PHGY 220/230
Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II

Students must also complete 30 credit hours in Elective courses.

Associate of Arts in General Studies Program Total: 60 credit hours

For more information about USD's Associate of Arts in General Studies program offered at University Center in Sioux Falls, S.D., visit SDUniversityCenter.org or contact University Center at 605-274-9500 or by e-mail at info@sduniversitycenter.org.