Required Core Courses (15 credit hours):

Course Title
CJUS 201
Introduction to Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
Criminology (3 cr.)
Introduction to Research Methods (3 cr.)
CJUS 431
Criminal Law (3 cr.)
CJUS 433
Criminal Procedure (3 cr.)
CJUS 489 Capstone

Criminal Justice Elective Courses (15 credit hours required):

Course Title
CJUS 203
Policing in a Free Society (3 cr.)
CJUS 334
Criminal Investigation (3 cr.)
CJUS 335
Forensic Science* (3 cr.)
CJUS 411
Trial and Evidence (3 cr.)
 CJUS 412
Criminal Prosecution and Defense (3 cr.)
CJUS 426
Advanced Policing Issues (3 cr.)
CJUS 436
Juvenile Justice (3 cr.)
CJUS 452
Prisons & Penology (3 cr.)

*Prerequisites for CJUS 335: BIOL 161, PHYS 111, CHEM 106 or instructor permission

Students must also complete the University of South Dakota Institutional Graduation Requirements and University and College of Arts & Sciences general education requirements.

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Program Total: 120 credit hours

For more information about USD's Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program offered at University Center in Sioux Falls, S.D., visit or contact University Center at 605-274-9500 or by e-mail at