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A teacher in front of the classroom teaching Native American Studies.

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Learn more about American Indian culture, best practices and culturally responsive strategies.

The American Indian Education Certificate is designed for educators and practitioners working with and within American Indian communities. With the flexibility of the online certification, you can work with American Indian communities in a more efficient manner. The courses focus on teaching methods and the role of culture, education, sovereignty and history. 

The certificate utilizes Indigenous values as a framework to provide guiding principles to teaching and learning which prepares teachers to be responsive to the unique needs of American Indian children.

The 12-credit hour curriculum covers a wide range of topics including the study of the cultural and human relations factors involved in multi-cultural education, an introduction to the historical and contemporary life of the Dakota, Lakota and Nakota (Sioux Tribes) and the current trends and policies dealing with programs, laws and economics in education concerning American Indians. 

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For more information about the graduate American Indian Certificate, contact the USD Graduate School at 605-658-6200 or by email at

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