Required Core Courses (24 credit hours)

Course Title Site Rotation
EMPA 722 Budgetary and Fiscal Management (3 cr.) Online Every Semester
EMPA 733 Administrative Law and Government (3 cr.) Online Every Fall, Every Spring
EMPA 769 Administrative Thought and Ethics (3 cr.) Online Every Spring, Every Summer
MSAS 763 Professional Writing for Administration (3 cr.)
Online Every Fall, Every Spring
MSAS 764 Research in Administrative Practice (3 cr.) Online Every Spring, Every Summer
MSAS 786 MSAS Capstone Project (3 cr.) Online Every Semester
SPCM 754 Managerial Communications (3 cr.) Online
Rapid City
Sioux Falls
Every Spring
Summer Odd Years
Spring Odd Years
Elective Advisor Approved Core Elective (3 cr.) Online Every Semester

Human Resource Management Required Courses (12 credit hours)

Course/No. Course Title Site Rotation
Select twelves hours of the following:
COUN 705 Career Development for Human Resource Professionals (3 cr.) Online Fall Even Years
POLS 723
EMPA 723
Public Personnel Management (3 cr.) Online Every Summer
SPCM 575 Human Resource Training & Development (3 cr.) Online Every Fall
Starting Fall 2019
SPCM 585
EMPA 704
Communication and Conflict Resolution (3 cr.)

Facilitation & Conflict Management (3 cr.)


Every Spring
SPCM 587 Team Building and Group Decision Making (3 cr.) Online
Sioux Falls
Every Spring
Every Spring
SPCM 744 Managing Cultural Diversity (3 cr.) Online TBA
Elective Advisor Approved Specialization Elective (3 cr.) Online Every Semester

Master of Science in Administration with a specialization in Human Resources Program Total: Minimum 36 Credit Hours Required