Required Core Courses (24 credit hours)

 Course/No. Course Title
Site Rotation
EMPA 722
Budgetary and Fiscal Management (3 cr.)
Online  Every Semester
EMPA 733
Administrative Law and Government (3 cr.)
Every Fall, Every Spring
EMPA 769
Administrative Thought and Ethics (3 cr.)
Online Every Spring, Every Summer
MSAS 763 Professional Writing for Administration (3 cr.)
Online Every Fall, Every Spring
MSAS 764
Research in Administrative Practice (3 cr.)
Online Every Spring, Every Summer
MSAS 786
MSAS Capstone Project (3 cr.)
Online Every Semester
SPCM 754 Managerial Communications (3 cr.)
Online Every Spring
Elective Advisor Approved Core Elective (3 cr.)
Online Every Semester


Interdisciplinary Studies Required Courses (12 credit hours)

Subject to the approval of the program director, the individual track requires students to work with their advisor to design a specialization consisting of 12 credit hours to suit the student's specific interest from coursework available in the area of study.

Students are required to submit a list of proposed specialization courses along with an explanation of the appropriateness of the designed track in terms of career and personal development. Selected coursework should be interdisciplinary in nature or come from different fields that integrate to represent a cohesive theme.

Master of Science in Administration with a specialization in Interdisciplinary Studies Program Total: Minimum 36 credit hours required