Major Area Required Core Courses (15 credit hours)

 Course/No. Course Title
Site Rotation
 LT 712
Instructional Technologies for Active Learning (3 cr.)
 Online  Every Summer
 LT 716
 Systematic Design of Instruction (3 cr.)
 Online  Every Fall
 LT 731
 Multimedia Production (3 cr.)
 Online  Every Spring
 LT 741
 Distance Learning Systems & Design (3 cr.)
 Online  Every Fall, Every Spring
 LT 785
 Research Methods in Educational Technology (DSU) (3 cr.)
 Online  Every Fall, Every Spring

Other Required Courses (15 credit hours)

 Course/No. Course Title
TET 553
Personal & Organizational Transition & Change Management (3 cr.)
Online Every Summer
TET 732
Emerging Technologies in Teaching and Training (3 cr.)
Online Every Summer
TET 794
Internship/Field Experience (3 cr.)
Online Every Semester
TET 715
Sociological & Philosophical Foundations of Education in the 21st Century (3 cr.)
Online Every Summer
ELED 766
SEED 766
Technology Integration for Effective Instruction (3 cr.)
Online Every Summer
Electives: 6 credit hours Electives will be designed and developed through consultation with the graduate student, the TET Advisor and the Graduate Committee. It is recommended that elective courses have significant instructional technology component, while still being relevant to the needs and interests of the student.

 M.S. in Technology in Education and Training Program Total: 36 credit hours