Our unique graduate training program offers opportunities to customize your education by selecting specific tracks that are compatible with your career goals. Through your interdisciplinary coursework through the Beacom School of Business, you'll gain a wide variety of professional skills that are demanded by the current STEM job market. Students may also develop alternative microtracks of non-STEM courses in fields such as public policy, education or science writing and editing.

All courses below are three credit hours.



Health Services Administration

  • Managing Health Services Resources
    HSAD 770


  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
    SPCM 585
  • Scientific Communications
    BME 715


  • Foundations of Marketing and Organizational Behavior
    BADM 580

Accounting & Finance

Leadership Communications

  • Foundations of Marketing and Organizational Behavior
    BADM 580


  • Curricula, Teaching and Research in Higher Education
    AHED 751
  • Emerging Technology - Teaching
    TET 732


Technology Transfer

Primary Courses
  • Introduction to Intellectual Law
    LAW 860
Secondary Courses 
  • Antitrust Law/Constitutional Protection
    LAW 859