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“Between the internship opportunity, professional development workshops, and travel awards offered by the USD-N3 program, this mechanism provides an outstanding training environment for my Ph.D. work. The N3 coursework not only establishes a strong foundation of knowledge in the basics of neurobiology and nanotechnology, but also allows for individualized learning opportunities tailored to my interests.”

Bethany Freel, Basic Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. student

“The N3 program provides me with knowledge throughout a broad area of studies to help me succeed as a scientist.”

Kevin Krupp, Biology Ph.D. student

“The USD-N3 program provides unique opportunities for me to obtain training and teaching experience during my Ph.D. program. Overall, I believe the USD-N3 program is priceless in my pursuit of a Ph.D. and for years to come.”

Raegan Nelson, Basic Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. student 

“The N3 program offers unique opportunities. The N3 program is perfect for me, as I am seeking a multi-disciplinary approach to my education in STEM. It awards me with many career opportunities as well as valuable internship experience.”

Marie Severson, Basic Biomedical Sciences M.S. student