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General Information About Military Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)

  • FTA is limited to currently serving members of the Armed Forces. If your ETS date is during semester you will not get FTA for that semester
  • FTA cannot be used for a lateral degree (You cannot use FTA to earn a 2nd bachelor's degree)
  • Maximum of $250 per credit hour; up to $4500 per year (fiscal year resets on October 1)
  • Many fees are no longer approved for payment by the Army (See GoArmyEd)
  • FTA can be used in conjunction with the GI Bill®, but with some restrictions; contact your military education office
  • Please note FTA is not a guaranteed benefit, and funding is limited. FTA is paid on a first come first serve basis. Please apply early.
  • TA requests should be completed prior to the start of the semester. Each service has its own deadline.
  • FTA is a tuition reimbursement program; you will not receive an up-front payment. Payments may come late in the semester
How to Apply
Additional Information
  • Additional GoArmyEd info

    The military may also pay for CLEP and DSST exams where you can "test out" of taking classes. Contact your military education office or online military portal for more information.