Parking Map, Rules & Regulations

Parking Rules and Regulations guide the use and administration of the campus parking and transportation system. All motor vehicles and bicycles operated on the university campus are responsible for following the rules and regulations which are administered by the University of South Dakota Police Department. Failure to abide by the regulations may result in citations, fines or other penalties. Any additional information may be obtained at University Police Department office, located in Davidson Building Room 101.

All members of the faculty, staff, student body, and employees of entities affiliated with USD who park a vehicle on campus, must pay to park. This can be done through the purchase and display of annual or temporary parking permits or payment at meters.

Lack of familiarity with the parking rules and regulations does not constitute a defense for failure to comply or cancellation of parking citations.

The university assumes no liability for loss of or damage to vehicles or their contents while on university property or within university-administered parking facilities.

The University Police Department can be reached at 605-658-6199. Comments and/or questions may be emailed to


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