Summer Research Program Application

Medical Student Summer Research Program is an 8-week program open to incoming students that have been accepted to the Sanford School of Medicine.  Students that are accepted to the program will receive a stipend up to $5,000 and the hosting lab can receive up to $2,000 for lab supplies. Newly accepted students to the Sanford School of Medicine will receive notice in March when application season is open.  There are eight slots available. Students work for 8 weeks (May 20 - July 12, 2024) for a maximum of 320 hours.  They will then do a 10-minute presentation of their work at the annual Summer Research forum during Orientation Week in July.

Mentor List

Application Instructions

With the help of your mentor (a full list is available above), write a project description (1-2 pages). In your description please include:

  1. Background information
  2. State a hypothesis
  3. Explain the goal/purpose of the project
  4. Discuss any planned assays/techniques the student will learn
  5. Describe what the student’s role in the project will be
  6. Discuss what new experience the student hopes to gain

Additionally, provide student biographical information (<1page).

For more information contact the Medical Student Research Committee

Deadline for Applications: April 15, 2024

Applicant's Information

Mentor's Information

Project Information


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