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Classical Humanities

Learn about the languages, literatures, and cultures of the ancient Greeks and Romans and enrich your perspective on ideas and experiences in our present day.

Why Study Classical Humanities?

Through the classical humanities minor, you will gain an understanding of how the legacy of the Greeks and Romans influences nearly every aspect of contemporary culture, from our public architecture to our favorite action heroes.

Degrees & Offerings

Classical Humanities

  Vermillion Main Campus

Take Latin and Classical Humanities courses as you expand your understanding of the legacy of the Greeks and Romans. Courses include Ancient Rome, Greek Art and Archaeology, and Latin and Greek language.

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Explore the departments, facilities and centers that contribute to your education in History.
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At the University of South Dakota, our Department of History houses numerous disciplines that exist at the intersection of curiosity, research, writing, storytelling and the human experience. Find the answers to your questions about people, events, institutions and values with the guidance and support of our exceptional faculty.

Faculty & Staff

Get to know your professors in the Department of History.
Bio Image for Faculty Member David Burrow

David Burrow

Chair, History
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Jennifer Beermann

Senior Secretary
Bio Image for Faculty Member Elise Boxer

Elise Boxer

Director, Inst of Amer Indian
Bio Image for Faculty Member Zoli Filotas

Zoli Filotas

Assistant Professor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Sara Lampert

Sara Lampert

Associate Professor

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