Students conducting forensic anthropology field research.

Forensic Anthropology

Take the next step toward your career in forensic investigation with a certificate in forensic anthropology.

Why Study Forensic Anthropology?

Forensic anthropology coursework equips you with knowledge in analytical methods so you can analyze a crime scene and process large amounts of relevant forensic data. Demand for expertise in forensic anthropology and forensic sciences is growing rapidly. This certificate is particularly useful for students interested in careers in medical examination, law enforcement, criminal investigation and forensic archaeology.

Enhance your knowledge in the study of human remains, skeletal analysis and techniques in bioarchaeology with a certificate in forensic anthropology. Your training will prepare you to determine various factors about the deceased, including age, sex, height, weight and health.

Degrees & Offerings

Forensic Anthropology

  Vermillion Main Campus and Online

You can earn a forensic anthropology certificate by completing courses in Biological Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Human and Animal Osteology and Introduction to Forensic Science. These courses will provide you with broad knowledge about the discipline and will give you practice in the scientific analysis of skeletal remains. This certificate provides credentials for students with an interest in forensic investigation, students interested in working as crime scene technicians, and students who are planning to pursue post-graduate education in legal or forensic science fields. The certificate will also prepare students for graduate work in anthropology or criminal justice.

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Our faculty have expertise in medical anthropology, medical sociology, epidemiology, forensic anthropology, religiosity, globalization, archaeology and more.
USD students conducting dig site research.

Anthropology & Sociology

Human behavior. Biology. Culture. Societies. Social change. Explore what brings us together and what makes us unique on biological and social levels through the Department of Anthropology & Sociology.

Faculty & Staff

Get to know faculty and staff in the Department of Anthropology & Sociology. Our faculty are experts in their fields, contributing to scholarship in archaeology, radiocarbon dating, medieval epidemics, paleodemography, religiosity, globalization, sociology of education, the family, medical sociology, sociology of the law and more.
Bio Image for Faculty Member Karen Koster

Karen Koster

Chair-Anthropology & Sociology


Plant Physiology, Cell Biology
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Isaiah Cohen

Assistant Professor


Education, Marriage & Family, Law, & Mixed Methods
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Cheryl Hartman

Senior Lecturer
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Saige Kelmelis

Assistant Professor
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Anthony Krus

Assistant Professor
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Louisa Roberts

Assistant Professor
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Crystal Sheedy

Assistant Professor
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Stephanie Spars

Senior Lecturer

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