Transfer appeal process


At the University of South Dakota, we want to offer you every possibility to succeed. If you did not initially meet the transfer admissions requirements and would like USD to reconsider your admissions decision, you may petition for admission through the Scholastic Probation Policy appeal process.

Submitting an Appeal

To begin the appeals process, submit a letter of appeal addressing the following:

Letter of Appeal

What led to your poor academic performance while at your previous college or university?

Include a detailed account of the reason why you did not achieve your full academic potential. Detail any extenuating circumstances effecting your academic performance.

How have your circumstances changed?

Explain your current position and how conditions and situations may have changed to allow you to perform at a satisfactory level. Provide evidence that you have identified and addressed the reasons for any sub-standard academic performance at your previous school.

How do you plan to succeed?

Provide a realistic academic plan for your future success. Include a specific plan of action that you will follow to attain academic success.


Submit your appeal letter to the USD Office of Admissions:

Office of Admissions
University of South Dakota
414 E. Clark St.
Vermillion, SD 57069

Please include your full name, current mailing address, phone number and/or e-mail address on each item submitted as part of your appeal.

Consideration of Appeals

Once your letter is received, the appeals committee will meet and review your file. You will be notified of the committee's decision in approximately 2-4 weeks or as soon as a decision has been rendered.

Appeal Timelines

Your appeal materials must be received within the following timelines:

April 15: Students appealing their summer admission decision.
August 1: Students appealing their fall admission decision.
December 15: Students appealing their spring admission decision.


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