Charlie Coyote holding his arms up in front of the crowd at a basketball game.

Charlie Coyote

When it comes to spirit, Charlie Coyote is the definition of it. Charlie loves the Yote-Life and wears it proudly on his fur.


Charlie Coyote is the face of the University of South Dakota. We are committed to creating an exciting experience with both the student body and the Vermillion community.  If you do see him, be sure you give him a high five.

If you want Charlie to attend your event, please complete the Appearance Request Form below. There is an hourly charge to have Charlie Coyote at your event. That amount will be included when we contact you to confirm your event.

Get Recruited

The USD Spirit Teams are looking for individuals who have the spirit, creativeness and desire to bring Charlie to life! 
If you think you have what it takes to be one of the greatest representatives of the University of South Dakota then we need to hear from you. Qualifications are below.

  • Be present at athletic and non-athletic events
  • Display character through emotions, animation and crowd interaction
  • Must be 5'6" or taller
  • Must interact well with children
  • Must be accountable, timely and responsible
  • Attend meetings with advisors

Program Benefits

  • Half Housing Scholarship
  • Paid Travel Expenses
  • Summit League and Missouri Valley Conference Experience
  • Paid wages while working as Charlie Coyote
  • Supportive Administration


cheer on the coyotes

Want Charlie to support you and your team at an event, or do you think you have what it takes to embrace the Yote life? You can request an appearance from Charlie Coyote, or sign up to become the famed mascot below.

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You can see what Charlie is up to on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Get Involved

If you are a current student at the University of South Dakota, you can join Charlie as a Coyote super fan by becoming a Coyote Crazy.

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