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Strategic Theme: Affordability

Provide access to a first-class education efficiently and effectively.

Goal 1: Increase financial resources for students

  1. Big steps
    1. Develop a robust Emergency Fund program for students
      1. Launch and market the program
      2. Funding campaign
    2. Develop a need-based scholarship to address students’ affordability gap
      1. Research, propose and establish policy
      2. Identify students with need
      3. Campaign and implementation
      4. Define, review and assess current process of awarding scholarships
    3. Implement and grow the Work Scholars program
  2. Resources
    1. Development Officer tasked with this project
    2. People/departments who will champion
    3. Marketing support/student testimonials
    4. Collaboration and willingness to data share across departments
    5. Financial aid data/enrollment data
    6. Funding
  3. Champions
    1. Steve Brown, President and CEO, University of South Dakota Foundation
    2. Kim Grieve, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
    3. Scott Pohlson, Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing and University Relations
  4. Success
    1. Sustainable funds
    2. Award funds from need-based scholarship
    3. Increase retention and graduation rates of students with financial need
    4. Reduced the funding gap for students with financial need
    5. Increased participation of employers in the Work Scholars program
    6. Increased communication with academic advisors and program directors

Goal 2: Increased affordability through a comprehensive review of all student-facing processes related to financial aid and academic progress

  1. Big steps
    1. Review of Financial Aid process and policies
    2. Review of Registrar process and policies
    3. Review of Business Office process and policies
    4. Review of Academic Advising process and policies
    5. Analyze and streamline critical processes that span multiple offices including Admissions, Academic Advising, Student Affairs, Information Technology, Registrar and Financial Aid
  2. Resources
    1. Internal review and self-study of financial aid
    2. Tool to bring data from all the areas together
      1. Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment
      2. Information Technology
    1. Scott Pohlson, Vice President for Enrollment Marketing and University Relations
    2. Lisa Bonneau, Director of Assessment
  3. Success
    1. Determine the synergies between Business Office, Registrar, Financial Aid, Admissions, Advising and Student Life
    2. Increased use of and reach of Coyote One Stop
    3. Increased student satisfaction with customer service by reducing processing time and accuracy rates of all service delivering units including the Business Office, Registrar and Financial Aid
    4. Increased persistence and graduation rates
    5. Improved progression rates through the financial aid process, bill payment, accounts receivable holds
    6. Increased FAFSA participation rates