Held at Prentis Park in Vermillion, the barbecue had over 100 students in attendance and helped build community within the law school.

“When Anthony Leonardi and I were elected to leadership positions in 2022, we had one major goal in mind: to develop a community here at the law school that transcends law and policy,” said Marcus Hluchy, president of the South Dakota Federalist Society. “For the past two years, we have held this event to further that goal. We had approximately 60 people attend last year, and this year that number rose to north of 100. I’d say we are well on our way to developing the community we had in mind.”

Leaders from the other organizations in attendance echoed Hluchy’s sentiments, mentioning how the event helped to build relationships between students across the law school.

“CLS is always looking for ways to demonstrate Christ’s love in our community,” said Tory Shafer, president of the Christian Legal Society. “The barbecue at Prentis Park is our way of building our community at USD law for years to come and tangibly showing God’s love by breaking bread in fellowship with others.”

“The Saint Thomas More Society’s mission is to allow law students to live in the example of Saint Thomas More; to serve both the law and their conscience,” said Jack Knoblauch, chapter president of the Saint Thomas More Society. “The Saint Thomas More Society thanks all its members for attending the barbecue at Prentis Park. The event was a great success with high attendance.”

“This event showcases the very essence that makes the USD Knudson School of Law so unique from other law schools,” said Kylee Boomsma, president of the South Dakota Agricultural Law Society. “The USD law school is truly like a giant family, and having such great organizations that want to come together to host such an amazing event is a blessing. One way that the Agricultural Law Society was able to show their passion for our local South Dakota agricultural businesses was by providing the beef for the hamburgers at the BBQ. The club was able to provide beef that was raised and butchered right here in South Dakota from Kolousek Farms.”

“Our club is dedicated to uniting aspiring legal minds through a shared passion for outdoor adventures under the open sky,” said RJ Hyatt, president of the Rod & Gun Club. “The club always seeks to add to the sense of community the USD Knudson School of Law has, and the barbecue provided an inviting platform for students to socialize, share experiences and build bonds that transcend academic boundaries. Through a healthy mix of good food and great company, we were able to help foster inter-class connections that make the law school a meaningful and positive place.”

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