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Lakota Courses

Become a part of revitalizing the language.

Taking Lakota courses will fulfill your language requirement (SGR #4) and you can participate in the preservation of indigenous languages.

Lakota is a rich and beautiful language spoken in and around the reservations of both South and North Dakota, some reserves in Canada and larger communities such as Rapid City, Minneapolis, Denver and Los Angeles. There are approximately 2000 fluent native speakers of Lakota. The average age is about 65. The training of new Lakota speakers is vital to the survival of this indigenous language and culture.

Students are encouraged to travel to reservations where Lakota is spoken, including Pine Ridge and Standing Rock. You will also participate in activities at USD's Native American Cultural Center (NACC) including the Lakota Language Table and the NACC Drum Circle.

We offer introductory and intermediate Lakota courses and conduct research and community service that help support language revitalization efforts. Our courses also satisfy requirements for the Lakota language teaching minor and are part of the B.A. in Native Studies.


Native American Studies with a Lakota Studies Specialization: Bachelor of Arts

Enhance your knowledge of Native American culture and help preserve a language by specializing in Lakota studies. Learning Lakota also prepares you to teach the language in reservations and schools.

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