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Care is a deeply gendered issue in our society. Women have historically played a central role in caregiving, notwithstanding the class, race, ethnic, geographic, religious and actual gender diversity in patterns of care. In the past year and a half, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and heightened existing care obligations and created new ones. Some of these care responsibilities are obvious, while more are hidden. This year, the University of South Dakota’s Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies program invites people across all disciplines to present their work on CARE for a conference and art exhibition.

The 2022 conference will feature keynote lectures by award-winning feminist philosopher Eva Feder Kittay; Mental & Chemical Health Therapist of Tate Topa Consulting, LL, Lenny Hayes; and CV HArquail, a feminist management scholar, consultant, speaker, teacher, tool maker and author.

call for proposals and art

Submission deadline is Jan. 10, 2022. Contact with questions.

Plan your visit to Vermillion.

Keynote Speakers

Eva Feder Kittay
Featuring a lecture from her forthcoming book, “Disabled Minds and Things That Matter”

Eva Feder Kittay is distinguished professor of philosophy at Stony Brook University/SUNY; a senior fellow of the Stony Brook Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics, and an affiliate of the Women's Studies Program. Her pioneering work interjected questions of care and disability (especially cognitive disability) into philosophy. Her work in feminist theory have garnered a number of honors and prizes including a Guggenheim Fellowship, an NEH Fellowship, and the APA and Phi Beta Kappa Lebowitz Prize, and she was named Women Philosopher of the Year (2003-2004) by the Society for Women in Philosophy. Kittay’s first works in philosophy were in the philosophy of language, publishing “Metaphor: Its Cognitive Force and Linguistic Structure” (Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press). In 1999, Kittay’s “Love’s Labor: Essays on Women, Equality and Dependency,” received international attention and has been translated into Japanese and Italian. The edited collection “Women and Moral Theory” ushered in decades-long work by philosophers in the ethics of care. She is currently writing a monograph tentatively titled “Disabled Minds and Things That Matter: Lessons for a Humbler Philosophy."

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Lenny Hayes
“The Impact of Historical and Intergenerational Trauma on the Two-Spirit Native LGBTQ Community”

Lenny Hayes is owner and operator of Tate Topa Consulting, LLC and is currently in private practice specializing in marriage family therapy. He has extensive training in mental and chemical health issues that impact the Two-Spirit/Native LGBTQ and Native community. Hayes has traveled nationally and locally training and presenting on the issues that impact both the Two-Spirit/Native LGBTQ individual and community. These issues include the impact of historical and intergenerational trauma on this population, violence of all forms, child welfare issues and the impact of sexual violence on men and boys, which is a topic that is rarely discussed. Hayes is the former Missing and Murdered Two-Spirit Project Assistant for Sovereign Bodies Institute. Lenny is also a 2020 graduate of the Human Trafficking Leadership Academy Cohort 5.

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CV Harquail
“(How) Can a Business Practice Real, Authentic Care?: Insights from Feminist Entrepreneurship and Feminist Organizational Studies.”

CV Harquail, Ph.D., is a feminist management scholar, consultant, speaker, teacher, tool maker and author. She helps entrepreneurs build transformational, justice-oriented businesses using feminist business practices. Her recent book, “Feminism: A Key Idea in Business and Society” (Routledge, 2020), is the first to analyze business from a feminist perspective and to propose a feminist business praxis. CV is the co-founder of (a feminist business practice consultancy) and co-founder/producer of the Entrepreneurial and the Feminist Enterprise Collective. She designed the Feminist Business Model Canvas and Feminist Business Toolkit. She serves as a mentor and design team member in the Fifth Wave Feminist Business Accelerator, an initiative of the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab. She offers workshops on all facets of feminist entrepreneurship, feminist business and feminist business praxis as well as topics in inclusive, collective feminisms. She has published her award-winning research on organizational identity and identification, systems of engagement, positive organizing, collective meaning and change advocacy in journals such as “Administrative Science Quarterly,” “Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review” and “Organization Studies,” as well as many edited books.

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