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B.F.A & M.F.A in Graphic Design

Express who you are while meeting your goals.

You'll learn a rich array of graphic design tools and work with faculty to broaden your understanding of the design field. Courses and field-based internships help students develop innovative and mature portfolios. Renowned graphic design faculty represent the diversity of contemporary design practice, research and pedagogy.

You will utilize design thinking to work in both self-initiated and client-associated environments. Graduates are successful in the competitive job market.

Our graphic design facilities include:

  • Networked computer software templateGraphic Design facilities
  • 27" iMac studio space with full access to Adobe CC
  • Fully equipped letterpress and type shop
  • Fully equipped printing shop Epson 9800 printer, 44" wide Professional Printer Epson 4900 printers, 17" wide Professional Printer HP 750 LaserJet printer, Laser cutter & Epson scanners
  • Graduate studios with office and work stations
  • Design exhibition space in Sioux Falls

B.F.A. Graphic Design Courses

M.F.A. Graphic Design Courses

ARTD 205 - Digital Design ARTD 531 - Typography
ARTD 215 - Typography ARTD 532 - Design Methods
ARTD 315 - Brand Identity ARTD 701 - Digital Studio I
ARTD 325 - Digital and Web Design I ARTD 702 - Print Studio
ARTD 405 - Package Design ARTD 711 - Package Design
ARTD 415 - Information Design ARTD 712 - Graphic Design Concept and Theories
ARTD 425 - Digital & Web Design II ARTD 721 - Graphic Design Master's Portfolio
ARTD 455 - Publication Design ARTD 722 - Graphic Design Master's Thesis
ARTD 465 - Portfolio Design ARTD 591/791 - Graphic Design: Special Problems
Undergraduate Core Requirements Graduate Core Requirements