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Outstanding Faculty

You'll receive one-on-one time with faculty to cultivate your talent.

We mentor students to gain the knowledge and skills in both traditional and alternative printmaking processes as the means to develop your personal voice. The focus is to provide you with the educational opportunities and experiences to foster independent thinking, artistic courage and integrity.

You have the opportunity to work in facilities that offer the full range of traditional and alternative printmaking processes to allow you to explore any aspect of the medium in your educational journey.

Our printmaking facilities include:Printmaking

  • Darkrooms for screenprinting, lithography and intaglio
  • Artists’ books/bookbinding studio
  • Mac computer lab, scanners, and large/medium format printers
  • Access to laser cutters 15 screen printing stations
  • Charles Brand lithography presses and 45 lithographic stones
  • Five etching presses from larger to smaller sizes
  • T-shirt screenprinting stations
  • Letterpress and type shop
  • Large individual graduate studios with 24-hour access

B.F.A. Printmaking Courses

M.F.A. Printmaking Courses

ART 281 - Printmaking I Graduate Core Courses
ART 286 - Serigraphy
ART 385 - Lithography
ART 386 - Printmaking: Studio Projects
ART 485 - Printmaking: Advanced Studio Projects
ART 486 - Printmaking: Special Projects
ART 491 - Independent Study
Undergraduate Core Requirements