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Your courses will explore cast metals, metal fabrication, woodworking, mixed media, carving, mold-making and installation projects with traditional and contemporary materials and processes. You'll have the opportunity for growth and development of individual aesthetics, concepts, technical abilities and a critical understanding of the discipline of sculpture as applied to the production of contemporary art.

Our sculpture facilities include:

  • 7,046.67 sq.ft. sculpture studioSculpture facilities
  • Fully equipped woodworking area
  • Saw stop safety table saw, band saws, panel saw and abrasive chop saw
  • Variable speed drill press
  • Horizontal edge sander and combination sander 10” jointer, 15” spiral-head plainer
  • Fully equipped metal fabrication area 220v MIG, TIG welders, 115v MIG welder, plasma cutter, a gas forge, medium-duty oxyacetylene carts, pedestal grinders, abrasive belt grinder, hossfeld bender, hand and handheld power/pneumatic tools
  • Mold-making area
  • Large individual graduate studios
  • Installation indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces

B.F.A. Sculpture Courses

M.F.A. Sculpture Courses

ART 241 - Sculpture I Graduate Core Courses
ARTD 246 - Woodwork/Mixed Media
ARTD 345 - Sculpture: Metal Fabrication
ARTD 346 - Sculpture: Foundry
ARTD 445 - Sculpture: Installation
ARTD 446 - Sculpture: Concept Development
ARTD 491 - Independent Study
Undergraduate Core Requirements