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Creating Problem Solvers

We develop critical thinkers skilled at overcoming challenges presented in producing theatre.

Training designers and technicians to analyze complex theatrical demands and create an effective plan of execution.

We believe the designer/technician is best trained by a comprehensive study of all theatrical elements. By understanding the role of each member of the production process, you'll learn to think critically to solve the unique challenges presented by each production.

As a theatre major, you can specialize in a variety of disciplines, including design/technology. Our blend of intensive classroom instruction and practical experience allows you to hone your skills while exploring the broad field of design and technology. Our students learn the standards of graphic representation using traditional hand methods as well as state of the art technology such as computer-aided drafting and computer rendering. You'll benefit from experienced mentors who will guide you as you create portfolio materials and develop job-seeking skills.

As part of the program, you'll learn to:

  • Analyze the demands of the drama and all production areas
  • Create an effective plan of execution to solve the logistical needs of the script and the demands of staging the design
  • Use the tools and principles of design to create an aesthetic and functional design that serves the script and the director's approach to the production

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