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Welcome to the Department of Neurosciences

Neurosciences encompasses the fields of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Physical Medicine (PM&R) and Neuroradiology. Students will spend the most time on neurology, a field that encompasses diseases and injuries of the central nervous system and peripheral nerves. Neurologic diseases can affect individuals of all ages. On neurology rotations, students should anticipate the opportunity to see a wide variety of clinical conditions. Exposure to neurology is particularly helpful to students in terms of honing their skills in creating a differential diagnosis of possible medical conditions.



Faculty & Staff

Meet the neurologists, neurosurgeons, PM&R physicians and neuroradiologists on the faculty in the Department of Neurosciences.
Bio Image for Faculty Member Jerome Freeman

Jerome Freeman

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Abdul Alchaki

Clinical Assistant Professor
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Toni LeVasseur

Program Assistant II
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Justin Jons

Senior Secretary
Physician's Taking Care of a Patient.

Ethics and Humanities 

Bioethics and professionalism are important elements of medical education. This component of the curriculum in the Sanford School of Medicine supports and enhances ethical decision-making skills, compassion, respect and integrity when faced with ethical challenges.

We sponsor periodic ethics and professionalism teachings sessions for Pillar 1 students, a clinical ethics online course for Pillar 2 students, a clinical elective in bioethics for Pillar 3 students and a bioethics certificate.

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