Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

We offer a diagnostic clinic for individuals who may have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Clients who receive an evaluation may leave the clinic with a wide variety of diagnoses and recommendations.


Our Clinic

Schedule and Location

Clinics are held on the first and third Monday and Tuesday of each month. They begin on Monday morning and finish late Tuesday afternoon with a family conference. Clinics are held at the Sanford School of Medicine Health Science Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Team of Professionals

The clinic team uses ASD-specific instruments to provide the patient with:

  • Audiological testing
  • Communication testing
  • Family resource information
  • Sensory/motor evaluation
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Psychiatric testing
  • Psychological/educational testing


Clinic costs will vary. For information on current costs, contact us by phone at 800-658-3080 or 605-357-1439 or via e-mail at

We do not accept third-party reimbursement. If you have any questions, please contact by phone at 800-658-3080 or 605-357-1439 or via e-mail at

Family Services

Family members are encouraged to use the information and resources available at the Wegner Health Science Information Center, as well as attend family support groups held throughout the state.

Student Training

Student training is an important part of the ASD clinic. Graduate and doctoral-level students may observe or participate in clinic.


The clinic uses as interdisciplinary model to determine diagnoses and recommendations. ASD diagnoses are made through criteria established in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V (DSM-5) and according to the guidelines of the state of South Dakota.

Referral Procedure

Referrals may be made for people of any age. After a referral is received, an intake packet is mailed out and the referred individual will be scheduled into the clinic once the necessary paperwork is returned.