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We know navigating an online degree can be a detailed process. We are here to help you every step of the way. Our dedicated team will be able to address questions or concerns you may have about the distance education, hybrid programs, online learning, continuing education credits, customized programs and more.

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Grievance Processes


Please see Board of Regents Policy 2.9.

This policy governs academic disputes involving students. Such disputes most commonly arise as a result of student dissatisfaction with assigned grades, but students may also invoke the standards and procedures provided under this policy to challenge academic responses to instances involving alleged student academic misconduct or to challenge other decisions, justified on academic grounds, that affect their participation in or completion of university academic programs.

Academic Appeals Process


Please see Board of Regents Policy 3.4.

If you have questions, please contact USD Online and Off-Campus Education at 605-658-6152 or by e-mail at


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