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Film Studies

Gain unique insight into the film industry to launch your career behind the camera.

Why Study Film Studies?

As a film studies minor at USD, you will become a well-rounded scholar in cinema, genre and culture. Here, you will grow as a creator as you prepare to enter the professional film industry or further your education as a graduate student. Our program provides you with coursework and extracurricular activities where you will cover a broad range of theatre history, video production, directing, acting and the ancient world of film.

Prepare to write, shoot and direct a short film as a film studies minor.                                                                       

Degrees & Offerings

Film Studies

  Vermillion Main Campus
Analyze the impact of the cinema on society and how cultural values are communicated through the film medium. With this minor, you will have an opportunity to write about, as well as create, short films.

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Whether you are interested in a career in acting, musical theatre, design technology or a related field, the real-world experiences and connections you find in the Department of Theatre will help you get there.

Faculty & Staff

Get to know the faculty and staff in the Department of Theatre. Our faculty are experts in their field, contributing research and fostering student engagement and leadership.
Bio Image for Faculty Member Raimondo Genna

Raimondo Genna

Chair, Theatre
Bio Image for Faculty Member Jonathan Allender-Zivic

Jonathan Allender-Zivic

Associate Professor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Sabrina Egeland

Sabrina Egeland

Costume Shop Manager
Bio Image for Faculty Member Chaya Gordon-Bland

Chaya Gordon-Bland

Associate Professor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Cassie Hoppas

Cassie Hoppas

Assistant Professor
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Danielle Heeren

Art/Theatre Senior Secretary
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Scott Mollman

Associate Professor
Faculty Default

Matthew Nesmith

Associate Professor
Faculty Default

Joe Stollenwerk

Assistant Professor
Faculty Default

Victor Shonk

Associate Professor
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Leading artists, artisans and technicians serve as guest artists for USD’s Department of Theatre. From Tony Award-winning choreographers to master puppeteers to cutting-edge automation, we celebrate the amazing wealth of knowledge our fellow artists from across the country and around the world bring to Vermillion and our students.

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