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Nonprofit Studies

Gain the knowledge and skills needed for advancement in the vibrant and growing nonprofit sector.

Why Study Nonprofit Studies?

The nonprofit sector offers students with diverse interests a form of public service outside of government work. Nonprofit organizations provide a broad range of public services in South Dakota, the U.S. and around the world. Through the nonprofit studies minor, you'll learn how to lead nonprofits in program development, budgeting and finance, program evaluation and general administration. You'll graduate with a strong understanding of several key concepts:

  • How nonprofit organizations work with government and private-sector organizations to serve the broad public interest.
  • How nonprofit staff, board and volunteer relationships are developed for the successful achievement of organizational goals.
  • Best practices in nonprofit fundraising and resource management.
  • How to evaluate nonprofit performance and disseminate results to the community at large. 

Degrees & Offerings

Nonprofit Studies

  Vermillion Main Campus

Through coursework, internship experiences and service-learning opportunities, you'll learn about the nonprofit sector and develop the skills you need to contribute meaningfully to a nonprofit.

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Departments & Facilities

Explore the departments, facilities and centers that contribute to your education in nonprofit studies.
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Political Science

Whether you are interested in a career in government and politics, law, the criminal justice system, international relations or a related field, the real-world experiences and connections you find in the Department of Political Science will help you get there.

Faculty & Staff

Get to know faculty and staff in the Department of Political Science. Our faculty are experts in their fields, contributing research and scholarship in American government, criminology, victimology, international human rights, gender politics, race/ethnicity in politics, comparative political economy, international law and more. They bring practical experience in government, law and the private sector to the classroom.
Bio Image for Faculty Member David Earnest

David Earnest

Chair, Political Science/Director of the Farber Center/Professor


International Political Economy
Bio Image for Faculty Member Jenna Borseth

Jenna Borseth

Assistant Professor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Michael Card

Michael Card

Associate Professor
Bio Image for Faculty Member April Carrillo

April Carrillo

Assistant Professor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Ilmira Dulyanova

Ilmira Dulyanova

Director of Online Graduate Programs & Coordination
Bio Image for Faculty Member Ed Gerrish

Ed Gerrish

Coordinator-MPA, Associate Professor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Julia Hellwege

Julia Hellwege

Associate Professor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Joshua Houy

Joshua Houy

Senior Lecturer
Bio Image for Faculty Member Eric Jepsen

Eric Jepsen

Coordinator-Undergraduate Studies, Professor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Sandy Mckeown

Sandy Mckeown

Coordinator-Criminal Justice
Bio Image for Faculty Member Thomas Mrozla

Thomas Mrozla

Assistant Professor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Shane Nordyke

Shane Nordyke

Coordinator, Chieseman Center/Professor
Bio Image for Faculty Member Timothy Schorn

Timothy Schorn

Coordinator-International Studies, Associate Professor

Alum Success Story

Success story Amber Hulse smiling.
The department was small so everyone knew you but it was large enough to be connected with D.C. and helped me get into law school and internships in the nation's capitol. The staff truly care about your life and plans, you are not just a number. They stay in touch long after you graduate and want to help you in any way they can. I would not be where I am today if I had gone to any other school. USD prepared me leaps and bounds ahead of my peers who went to Ivy League schools. 

Amber Hulse

B.A. Political Science, Nonprofit Studies '21
Hot Springs, SD
Law Student, Law Clerk Georgetown Law and U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

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