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Russian Studies

Explore Russian culture and learn a language with a rich literary tradition and critical importance in the realms of science, business and government. 

Why Study Russian Studies?

As a Russian studies minor at USD, you will explore Russia's fascinating culture, language, literature and history. Russian is not only an important first language in the largest country in Europe, it is also an important second language throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The language of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, is now widely spoken along the great historical Silk Road trade route. Russian is an important language in politics and business. Studying Russian will help make you more competitive for federal foreign policy and national security internships and government-sponsored language scholarships for study abroad.

Expand your knowledge of the language and culture of Russia and Russian speaking countries as a Russian studies minor and position yourself for employment opportunities in governmental, international affairs, education, science, business or the arts.

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Russian Studies

  Vermillion Main Campus

A minor in Russian studies prepares you for a career in politics and government service, economics, international business and science and technology. You will be able to utilize your knowledge and experience in this program to further your academic studies and professional career.

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Our faculty include award-winning professors who provide mentorship to students for their Honors Theses, U.Discover research projects and internships. We are dedicated to mentoring you and helping you prepare for the exciting career opportunities open to those who speak more than one language.
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Modern Languages & Linguistics

Connect with others, gain marketable skills and thrive in a culturally diverse world by learning a new language and exploring other cultures.

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Our faculty in the Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics have consistently earned awards for their teaching and scholarship. Our faculty are experts in their fields, contributing to research in Spanish literature and theater, German language and culture, foreign language pedagogy, Russian culture, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics and phonetics.

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David Burrow

Chair, History/ Associate Professor


Imperial Russia
Modern Europe
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Ilmira Dulyanova

Director of Online Graduate Programs & Coordination
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Russian Placement Testing

If you are interested in taking a Russian language class at USD and have had previous experience with that language, it is highly recommended that you take our language placement test. This exam will help to determine which level of the language you should take as your first course.


To take the exam, follow the steps below:


  1. Click on the link for the Russian language test.
  2. Complete the required information (name, email address and your student ID number) and click “Continue.”
  3. All questions are multiple choice. For each question, click on the letter for the correct answer and then select “Submit Answer.”
  4. Note: Do not use your browser’s back button or you will be taken back to the registration screen.
  5. When you have completed the exam, you will be given your score and placement.
  6. After you have viewed your scores, click “Finished.” Your score will be made available to the language department. You will also have access to your scores using the login information you created in step 2.
  7. The test should be taken without any notes or other materials and in a quiet setting.


Take the Russian Placement Test

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