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You’re going to college to help you prepare for a career in the real world. Our goal is to be there for you every step of the way, from before you set foot on campus, through your walk across the graduation stage, and beyond.

Coyote Career Kickstart will help you learn valuable career skills, build a professional network and help to make college more affordable. You’ll be part of a unique group that will:

  • Make college more affordable by helping you find a job while in school
  • Network to create meaningful career connections
  • Develop practical and desirable work-ready skills
  • Earn up to $250 in textbook credit

Even before you set foot on campus, we’ll help you find an on- or off-campus job that aligns with your major and career interests. You’ll learn valuable career skills and get paid while doing it, which leads to a more affordable college experience. But that’s just the beginning. Special Coyote Career Kickstart events and dedicated USD alumni mentors will help you build a professional network early.

For more information regarding the Coyote Career Kickstart program, please contact Linda Halliburton at 605-274-9519 or at

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Beyond the Classroom

  • Who Can Be Involved in Career Kickstart?

    All full-time undergraduate and graduate students can apply to become a Work Scholar. Preference will be given to first generation college students and Pell recipients.

    Apply to Career Kickstart

  • Employer Story

    We’ve always had a terrific relationship with USD and we hire many students and graduates. We are really excited to expand by working with students earlier in their educational journey. The extra resources available to Career KickStart participants help to make them more valuable employees for us.

  • Student Story

    I moved to campus from West River and really didn’t know how to find the kind of job I was looking for. Career KickStart did more than that. It paired me with a mentor who graduated from my same major, which was huge. The money I earned really helped me with all of my expenses.
    -Jacob P.
    2020 Freshman


Just want a job? Make college affordable through Coyote Careers

Get connected with current opportunities and find jobs on- and off-campus via Coyote Careers. If you have a USD email address, you already have a Coyote Careers account!

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