Titled, “The Federal Air Surgeon and the Knights of the Reform Round Table,” Dickmann’s article sheds light on federal aviation regulations and their shortcomings in relation to current clinical medicine.

“There is an alarming pilot shortage in my industry that can be attributed directly to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and their severely outdated understanding of clinical medicine, specifically with regard to mental health,” said Dickmann. “The FAA reauthorization bill this year has provided an opportunity to spark the much-needed changes to our industry.

“It is my hope that this article, being one of many, is able to raise awareness of this opportunity and improve aeromedical safety to address the pilot shortage head-on and keep the skies safe and efficient,” Dickmann continued.

Dickmann spent his summer serving as an aviation law clerk under the direction of Joe LoRusso and Zeke Denison in the aviation division at the Ramos Law Firm in Denver, Colorado. The law student plans to continue flying and practicing aviation law after he graduates in 2025.

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