“The South Dakota Law Review is excited to be holding this year’s symposium on rural lawyers,” said Trevor Case, South Dakota Law Review editor. “Growing up in South Dakota has allowed me to see the great value that rural lawyers provide to their communities and this great state. This year’s symposium seeks to provide an opportunity to delve into the vital role of rural attorneys in our legal system, exploring an array of topics that are central to rural practice and communities.”

Aligning with the 10-year anniversary of South Dakota’s Project Rural Practice, the symposium boasts a diverse lineup of speakers from a multitude of backgrounds and will include a keynote address by South Dakota Supreme Court Chief Justice Steven R. Jensen.

From rural indigent defense to rural prosecution, attendees will hear about the intricacies of legal practice in rural areas. Throughout the symposium, discussions will address the challenges and opportunities that rural attorneys encounter daily, shedding light on the often-underrepresented facets of the legal system. The symposium will also have panel discussions that explore how other states and industries draw talent to rural areas and dive in to data regarding rural communities and attorneys. See a full schedule of events.

“This year the South Dakota Law Review students decided to focus their symposium on rural lawyers,” said Hannah Haksgaard, J.D., professor and advisor for South Dakota Law Review. “This is a timely topic, both in South Dakota and around the country. Ten years ago, South Dakota became the first state to invest in a robust rural attorney recruitment program, and this symposium is a timely celebration of that 10-year anniversary.

“Additionally, the symposium comes at a time with increased need for rural lawyers across the country, and we hope that the symposium sparks discussion about viable policy solutions for the rural lawyer shortage in South Dakota and beyond,” Haksgaard continued.

The two-day event is free and open to the public, and the South Dakota Law Review encourages attendance from those practicing in rural areas or serving in rural government positions. For those who cannot attend in person, there will be a virtual option available. Visit the South Dakota Law Review Symposium webpage for more information and to register for the event.

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