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Computer Science Undergraduate Program

Lead the Way

Our program prepares you to lead the way in this dynamic, growing professional field. 

High school students planning to major in computer science should have a solid math background (four years preferred), along with science and humanities courses that promote reasoning and good communication skills.


Computer Science: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

Our program prepares students for careers as systems programmers, computer system analysts, network and computer systems administrators or software developers in an industrial, scientific or engineering environment, and for further graduate work in computer science. Mathematics and science courses supplement a strong core of computer science courses, enabling students to design and implement software that requires complicated computations, data structures and interfaces.

  • Artificial Intelligence Specialization - Prepare for one of the most vital and fast-growing fields within computer science which impacts every level of society. Courses typically involve machine learning fundamentals, data mining & analysis, decision making and statistics.

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