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January 15, 2022, 1-5 p.m.

The Drumming Flow Retreat will be an intense focus on snare drum technique. During the retreat, you will explore grip, stroke, timing and playing with precision. You will spend the day playing on pads with a metronome in an effort to develop a relaxed, effortless approach. The session will benefit all drumming styles; drumset, marching and concert. The retreat is free, and anyone high school and older, including adults, is invited to participate.


  • RealFree practice pad (or similar) on a stand
  • Snare drum sticks
  • Ability to play with a metronome


Colton Recital Hall, Warren M. Lee Center for the Fine Arts

Name Department & Office Contact
Darin Wadley
  • Associate Professor, Percussion
W M Lee Center for Fine Arts 117