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Program Requirements

Law students pursuing this program must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete at least 15 hours of graduate-level English courses, including three seminars and a total of six thesis hours
  • Comply with the area distribution for the Master of Arts in English
  • Write examinations as required for the Master of Arts in English
  • Write a thesis and complete an oral examination defending it
  • Comply with the Graduate School requirements for filing a program of study and an application for degree
  • Submit a maximum of nine hours of law courses for credit toward the Master of Arts in English

Graduate Seminars

Graduate seminars offered by the Department of English are concerned with one or more topics drawn from the periods or genres specified for the seminar. They are open only to graduate students. You must:

  • Devote at least three hours per week to recitation, discussion or lectures for 15 weeks
  • Investigate in depth at least one topic relevant to the subject of the seminar
  • Produce at least one formal written report of the investigation and, if assigned, defend its merits to the professor and other members of the seminar
  • Achieve a familiarity with the work of the major authors and with that of their critics and scholars
  • Complete other requirements as the professor may specify, such as tests and examinations

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