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Application Process

You may simultaneously apply to the joint program but must complete one full year of study at the School of Law prior to beginning the psychology program. All candidates must have fulfilled the admissions requirements for graduate psychology as outlined in the catalog. Faculty will review applications and make a recommendation for admission to the entire psychology faculty. Decisions will be based on candidate qualifications and on the availability of a faculty member to serve as the student's major/research advisor.

Program Requirements

You will be eligible for graduate assistant positions in the School of Law but will not be eligible for graduate assistant positions through the Department of Psychology. Once admitted to the joint program, you must complete the first year at the law school with a 75 average or better and may pursue both programs simultaneously under the guidance of the academic advisory committee. You and the committee will develop an individualized program of study, which includes courses from both the School of Law and the Department of Psychology.

Any courses offered by the School of Law may be accepted for up to nine credit hours in psychology. Similarly, up to nine hours taken in psychology may be counted toward the Juris Doctor degree.

You will only receive the Master of Arts in psychology if you complete the requirements for the J.D. degree, but you can still earn your J.D. if you don't complete the psychology program. For the joint degree program, the Master of Arts in psychology requires 33 hours of graduate work, six of which are acquired through the completion of a master's thesis and nine of which are acquired through approved law courses.

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